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Welcome to the Ghost Ship Market We All Fall Down Online Goth Market!

With a refreshing array of art, beauty, home décor, home fragrance, handmade apothecary selections, jewelry, and vintage, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Our vendors have thoughtfully provided a list of their favorite picks, which you can find in our WAFD Shopping Guide, which you can find here!

The charity for this market is ACLU, and you can either participate with one of the supporting vendors, or donate directly at our Instagram page.

Vendor List

Sponsored by: Fennel & Clark

Also Vending:

Crinkle Crow Studio
Extend This
Ghost in the Meadow
Needful Strings Shoppe
Silver Moon Alchemy
Siren & Sea
Soot Jewelry
Still Dead Illustrations
The Art of Yosiell Lorenzo
The Burning Death Witch
Toccata & Fougère
Wild Bone Alchemy




Fennel & Clark™


Riri Hess


Fennel & Clark – Marisa Hess (she/they) & Josiah Pierce (he/his)

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.

As artisans, we feel it is our calling to help kindred spirits express their inner life outwardly through their dress. By exploring metaphysical and symbolic imagery, we hope to work within our culture’s shared visual language to create touchstones of understanding, whether that is through our own original work, or our vintage finds.

Our line includes delicate everyday pieces, inventive statement pieces, and luminous set stones. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off all zodiac wax seal pendants with code

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of vintage sales during the show

  fennelandclark.shop · Instagram · Facebook · Pinterest · TikTok


Crinkle Crow Studio Logo




Crinkle Crow Studio – Aimee Bannen (she/they)

A studio for the dark-humored and odd.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all purchases

Donating 10% of all sales to Planned Parenthood

  crinklecrowstudio.com · Instagram · Threads · TikTok





Extend This – Briana Adams (she/her)

Press and slide on nails for alternative people. At Extend This, glamorous meets goth, metallic meets metal, and manicures become mystical.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% off everything in the store

Supporting ACLU by collecting via a tip jar

  extendthis.Etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook




FancyMonsterVision – Echo (she/her)

Echo is a Pop Alchemist who mindfully crafts sustainable and accessible products for the modern world. These include herbal infused oils, perfumes, incenses and balms that can help navigate the energy of modernity.

She caters her work specifically for the decidedly unrefined, the perpetually overwhelmed, and those with neurodivergent or chronic pain ailments. Spooky hotties come in all forms, and everyone’s welcome to be a Fancy Monster.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: free shipping for all orders $50+

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of all sales

  fancymonstervision.com · Instagram




Ghost in the Meadow – Kelsey Dudek (she/her)

Ghost in the Meadow is a fiber artist specializing in handwoven tapestries and needle felted creations to haunt your homes. Her tapestries are full of handspun high quality fibers in dark and moody color palettes. Her needle felting draws inspiration from classic Halloween imagery and the magic of the forest. Current needle felted collections include adoptable ghosts, Halloween ornaments, Waldorf witch dolls, framed family ghost portraits, and her own line of original nature inspired cryptids: Meadow Monsters.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off with code at checkout

  ghostinthemeadow.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok




Needful Strings Shoppe – Syd Casey (she/her)

Needful Strings Shoppe is a one-woman circus that dives into the weird, dark, and spooky through the form of finished cross stitch and embroidery, as well as PDF patterns. Heavily influenced by death, graveyards, and the horror genre with a splash of the nostalgic, Needful designs tend to embrace what none of us can escape. Don’t let the cemetery scene behind every photo fool you though, there are also some light-hearted pieces and 90s references sprinkled throughout the shoppe. Every item is created with upcycled and vintage materials that is either locally sourced or sourced from other small businesses to help create a smaller footprint.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off storewide

  needfulstringsshoppe.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok




Ofgraveconcern – Glenn Church (he/him)

Original Art! Real History! 1348 – 1848. Handmade dark, macabre and Gothic historically based art.

Ofgraveconcern creates macabre, dark, and Gothic historical illustration, paintings, prints, candles, tarot cards, bottles, and plaques inspired by the historical folklore, psychology, events, and historical figures from 1348 to 1848. From the Black Death, to the Gothic Victorian.

Please note that this store will be re-opening on September 1

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of sales

  ofgraveconcern.com · Instagram · Facebook




Silver Moon Alchemy – Alisha Ray (she/they)

Alisha Ray is a Rhode Island based metalsmith with over a decade of experience in jewelry fabrication. They have been using the skills and techniques they’ve acquired to create unique fine jewelry talismans and witchy wearable artifacts as Silver Moon Alchemy ever since.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: Free Shipping (USPS 1st Class with tracking)

Supporting ACLU by collecting via tip jar at checkout

  silvermoonalchemy.com · Instagram · Facebook




Siren & Sea – Cass Warren (they/them)

Inspired by nature and a wanting to honor its magic, my pieces are sort of miniature love letters. My small bone and insect taxidermy strives to gently memorialize the creatures it comes from, my wall hangings hope to be reminders of the flowers and skies. My illustrations pull from the things I love in the world, as well as the more difficult to describe things within myself. I experiment in a few mediums, some decorative and some functional, and everything is lovingly created and printed in Salem, MA.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all items

Supporting ACLU: TBD

  sirenandsea.bigcartel.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok




Soot Jewelry – Rose Gordon (she/her)

Soot Jewelry is a line of sterling silver jewelry that draws on gothic architectural tracery and cemetery imagery, handmade by artist and metalsmith Rose Gordon. Inspired by old worlds and strange places, Soot Jewelry is a silver love letter to both history and ruin.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: Free shipping

  sootjewelry.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok




Still Dead Illustrations – Melanie Christopher (she/her)

Still Dead Illustrations is the freelance studio of Massachusetts based illustrator Melanie Christopher. Her artwork focuses on witchy themes, Halloween imagery, and an amalgam of the creepily adorable and gothically glamorous. She works primarily in ink and watercolor but also has a selection of digitally made illustrations and acrylic paintings. She offers original illustrations as well as prints, apparel, stickers, buttons, and more. She is available for custom work as well!

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% Off Orders over $30

  stilldeadart.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok




The Art of Yosiell Lorenzo (he/him)

Yosiell creates Victorian era inspired illustrations. Many of the illustrations are influenced by the spiritualist movement of the times. Each has the subtle feel of the sepia toned photos of the 1800’s.

  theorphans.co · Instagram · Facebook




The Burning Death Witch – Shafea Crow (she/hers)

The Burning Death Witch is by Shafea Crow, tattooer, death doula and owner of the Little Wolf collective. It’s a culmination of the dark arts, often using images from historical burial, monument carvings, as well as her original work. The wares are inked, pyrographed, and/or woven such as urns and offering bowls. She makes OOAK artwork, altar tiles, ritual offering bowls, and urns.

Supporting ACLU by donating a percentage of sales

  ofspiritandink.com/the-burning-death-witch · Instagram · TikTok


Toccata & Fougere



Toccata & Fougère – Marisa Hess (she/they)

Stemming from a life-long interest in fragrance, Toccata & Fougère is the personal project of Fennel & Clark founder, Marisa Hess. The scents are crafted with an eye towards creating immersive olfactory environments, inspired by romantic literature, mythology, and more.

With both candles and incense, and a wide variety of fragrances, it’s easy to drift off into your perfect world.

Please note that this store will be having a candle drop on September 2

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% off our signature candles

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of incense sales during the show

  available at fennelandclark.shop · Instagram 




Wild Bone Alchemy – Reb Green (she/her)

Wild Bone Alchemy offers adornments and altar pieces for sacred practice of earth traditions. All amulets and altar pieces are made from foraged bone and other forest found materials, integrated with metalwork and burning of ancestral symbols. To the end of honoring these creatures, and inspiring the adorned to call their own magic back through provoking curiosity of the ultimate alchemy, life and death.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all purchases

Supporting ACLU by donating 5% of total sales during the show

  wildbonealchemy.com · Instagram · TikTok