2023 We All Fall Down Shopping Guide



Welcome to the Ghost Ship Market We All Fall Down Shopping Guide!

All of our vendors have thoughtfully curated their favorite picks for you – be sure to take a look!

Vendor List

Sponsored by: Fennel & Clark

Also Vending:

Crinkle Crow Studio
Extend This
Ghost in the Meadow
Needful Strings Shoppe
Silver Moon Alchemy
Siren & Sea
Soot Jewelry
Still Dead Illustrations
The Art of Yosiell Lorenzo
The Burning Death Witch
Toccata & Fougère
Wild Bone Alchemy




Fennel & Clark™


Fennel & Clark ( bio)

Riri and Josiah suggest their handmade zodiac necklaces… made from our original, house-made wax seal stamps, and then cast in solid sterling silver, these beautiful pendants make a thoughtful gift for your loved ones, or yourself! All 12 Western signs are available, plus the 13th sign – Ophiuchus. You can also order different chain lengths for a perfect fit. They’re available for 13% off during the market with code WEALLFALLDOWN.

For those preferring vintage, they also suggest one of their selection of vintage teacups. Thoughtfully curated with an eye towards goth and cottagecore sensibilities, they’re a perfect choice for enjoying your favorite brew, practicing tasseomancy, or adding a magical touch to your home. All vintage purchases support the ACLU: 10% percent of all vintage sales during the show will be donated to the ACLU

Finally, they suggest a piece of their handmade gemstone jewelry, made by our resident master silversmith Josiah, for a beautiful heirloom piece that will last for generations. 

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off all zodiac wax seal pendants with code

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of vintage sales during the show

  fennelandclark.shop · Instagram · Facebook · Pinterest · TikTok


Crinkle Crow Studio Logo


Crinkle Crow Studio – ( bio)

Aimee suggests their Enticingly Odd Enamel Pins and Sinfully Cozy Sweaters.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all purchases

Donating 10% of all sales to Planned Parenthood

  crinklecrowstudio.com · Instagram · Threads · TikTok




Extend This – ( bio)

Briana suggests her gothic press-on nail sets.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% off everything in the store

Supporting ACLU by collecting via a tip jar

  extendthis.Etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook



FancyMonsterVision – ( bio)

Echo suggests a pair of comforting products from her line…

The Veil- (1oz skin serum) Whether the metaphysical veil is thin or thick, the first contact we make with the world is our skin. With the Chiron transit through Aries, I talk frequently on topics regarding the face. Specifically, how we identify with what we see in the mirror, and how we discern friend from foe out in the world.

On a metaphysical level, you have a fantastic boundary applied to your most vulnerable area: your face! Added physical benefits of Frankincense and Myrrh keeps out the bad vibes while supporting your skin’s elasticity.

Moon Mother (All products- Hydroflora, Balm Wand, Oil pen and upcoming Body butter)– Specially formulated for those who have experienced trauma that surfaces in the dream space, or anyone who needs extra protection and guidance from the Moon. An excellent addition to any Divination or dream space practice, but works to assist in emotionally draining tasks just as well.

Moon Mother is here to help hold your hand in the darkness. This does not mean you won’t encounter any danger- but it does mean you aren’t alone.

Perfect to use during Lunar cycles to get into the emotional place to express yourself from the heart.

Saturn’s Corner: Ah, Saturn- the most formidable Sky Zaddy is always taking his due. 

Our actions have consequences, and overworking our bodies often results in injury.  This balm is made with Saturnian herbs to ease the long-term pain of old injuries, aches, and joint issues.  Saturn rewards flexibility and this balm is aimed to assist in getting you back to the stretching and movement you’re used to without pushing past your own boundary this time. 

Like all FMV products, these are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores.  Safe to use on your sore muscles from tension headaches and teeth grinding to lower back and foot pain.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: free shipping for all orders $50+

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of all sales

  fancymonstervision.com · Instagram




Ghost in the Meadow – ( bio)

Kelsey reminds us that no house can be a home without a spirit lovingly haunting it or a creature lurking in a dark corner. Meadow monsters are the cryptids who have crawled up out of the Earth- created with wool and needle felted by hand. Shroomberts big and small are able to be bent in all manner of spooky poses. Daddy Pumpkin Legs aren’t dangerous but they do help anyone who stumbles across one feel like it’s Halloween every day. If it’s a haunting you’re after, there are little spirits awaiting adoption. Some have come from the forest, others from the candy factory, but all are delightfully spooky. 

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off with code at checkout

  ghostinthemeadow.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok



Needful Strings Shoppe – ( bio)

Syd shares her 3 favorite pieces for you…

Pause a Moment as You Go By… a 7×10” faux wood rectangular frame with a poem from a found cemetery sign hand stitched in the center. Complete with headstones on the bottom, it reads “Pause a moment as you pass by. As you are now, so once were we. As we are now, so shall you be.”

All Men are Cremated Equal… A 4” mini wood hoop fit with the words “All Men Are Cremated Equal” in the center. PDF pattern of this piece is also available.

“Scooby-Doo taught us that the real monsters were always human”… Complete with small blue florals, deep green vines, and slate grey bats. PDF pattern of this piece is also available.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 13% off storewide with code at checkout

  needfulstringsshoppe.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok



Ofgraveconcern – ( bio)

Glenn suggests three of his items to you…

Witch Plaques: A Most Certain, Strange, and True Discovery of a Witch. 1643. The first decades of the 17th century in England saw religious turmoil alongside a civil war between parliament and the monarchy. Part of the religious conflict during the English civil war (1642–1651), was the puritan fight against the forced monopoly of the Church of England on Christian worship in England, whose doctrines conflicted with those of Puritan worship. The religious conflict also extended into an increase of witch hysteria, mostly by the actions of the English witch hunter Matthew Hopkins (c. 1620 – 12 August 1647) who titled himself the Witch finder General. From 1644- 1647, Hopkins and his associates were responsible for more witchcraft accusations, trials and executions than in the previous 100 years, resulting in the death of 300 women between the years 1644 and 1646. This title on these wooden plaques is from a pamphlet of the same name tells of the sighting, capture and execution of a suspected witch by Parliamentary soldiers who was floating on a plank of wood on the river near Newbury, England in September 1643.

Iron Maiden Candle: The first recorded mention of an Iron Maiden comes from Johann Georg Keyssler 1756 work Travels Through Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Switzerland, Italy and Lorrain.

Another 18th century source is that of fellow German Johann Philipp Siebenkees, who claimed that the device was used in Nuremburg, Germany in 1515 to execute a forger of coins, the spikes so positioned inside the metal casing that they avoided major organs to inflict a slow death from blood loss. This claim is dismissed as invention as no recoreds describing Iron Maidens or their use exist from the Medieval period.

Siebenkees story however was so successful in the 18th century, that the most famous of the Iron Maidens again in Nuremberg was constructed at this time,  this candle is based upon that version inspired by the 18th and 19th centuries atmosphere of gothic spectacle and phantasmagoria.

Balsam of Bat Bottle: Despite having a reputation of evil during the medieval period, Bats also orginating from the ancient world could be used in folk and sympathetic magic and medicine to bring good luck.

This bottle is influenced by the real history of ‘Balsam of Bat’ as devised by Genevan physician Sir Théodore Turquet de Mayerne, containing “adders, bats, suckling whelps (puppies), earthworms, hogs’ grease, stag marrow, and the thigh bone of an ox.” A physician to the house of Stuart, de Mayerne also was an apologist for the theories of Paracelsus, and older forms of mysticism and alchemy expounded by Zoroaster and Hermes Trismegistus.

Please note that this store will be re-opening on September 1

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of sales

  ofgraveconcern.com · Instagram · Facebook



Silver Moon Alchemy – ( bio)

Alisha suggests…

Planchette Ring: One of Silver Moon Alchemy’s very first designs and a must-have for any collector of unique, witchy, jewels. Sterling Silver spirit board planchettes with your choice of semi precious gemstone.

Phobia Stud Earrings: Wear your fears. Each pair in this collection is inspired by a different unique fear or phobia and comes with their own unique set of stones.

Ouroboros II Pendant: A popular piece from the Ouroboros Collection, a series inspired by the symbol of a snake biting its own tail. Representative of the beginning and the end as a continuous, never ending cycle. Crafted with silver and cast from two snake ribs.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: Free Shipping (USPS 1st Class with tracking)

Supporting ACLU by collecting via tip jar at checkout

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Siren & Sea – ( bio)

Cass suggests her New Growth Banner… Individually pressed and inspired by the giant, soft Atlas Moth, as well as the forest floor. The canvas banner is approximately 21 inches long by 12 inches wide.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all items

Supporting ACLU: TBD

  sirenandsea.bigcartel.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok



Soot Jewelry – ( bio)

Rose suggests 3 of her pieces, all inspired by Gothic architecture : the Winter Star Ring, the Celestial Spike Necklace, and the Arch Pendant.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: Free shipping

  sootjewelry.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok



Still Dead Illustrations – ( bio)

Melanie suggests her The Summoning Enamel Pin, and her Cryptid Patches!

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% Off Orders over $30

  stilldeadart.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok



The Art of Yosiell Lorenzo ( bio)

Yosiell suggests his The Orphans Tarot Cards Major Arcana Deck, as well as his Granddaughters of Witches prints.

  theorphans.co · Instagram · Facebook




The Burning Death Witch – ( bio)

Perhaps a handwoven cauldron-shaped basket would be to your liking? Basic Black Cauldron Basket

Supporting ACLU by donating a percentage of sales

  ofspiritandink.com/the-burning-death-witch · Instagram · TikTok


Toccata & Fougere



Toccata & Fougère – ( bio)

Riri suggests her Mythos candle for fall: evoke the dark academia library of your dreams with Mythos™, a sensuous blend of smoky leather, warm woods, dusty parchment, and a twist of vanilla brandy. Created from over 25 different fragrance oils, this scent creates the perfect atmosphere for settling down with a good book. All Toccata & Fougère candles will be 15% off during the show with code.

She also suggests her Caramel Corn incense and Poison Apple (fresh apples and wormwood) candles, which will be part of the shop update for the show.

Please note that this store will be having a candle drop on September 2

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 15% off our signature candles with code

Supporting ACLU by donating 10% of incense sales during the show

  available at fennelandclark.shop · Instagram 




Wild Bone Alchemy – ( bio)

Reb suggests these items for you…

Deer Antler Tine Quartz Tourmaline Agate: Copper electroformed, found, cut deer antler tine, smokey quartz (dispersing fear, piercing the veil), black tourmaline (energy transmutation and manifestation), quartz (cleansing, amplification, protection), purple agate (crown, divining, peace) brass chain, wild tag. All metals are nickel, lead, cadmium free.

Raccoon Tooth Quartz: Copper electroformed, large clear quartz (cleansing, amplification, protection), found raccoon tooth, steel chain, wild tag. All metals are nickel, lead, cadmium free.

Deer Vertebra Quartz Fringe: Found deer vertebra, quartz crystal shard (protection, amplification, clarity), wire wrapped to copper ring, vegan fringe, copper plated link chain, lobster claw clasp, wild tag. All metals are nickel, lead, cadmium free.

Deer Rib Protection Rune Quartz: Long Found deer rib bone, cut, burned- bind rune for protection, quartz (protection, amplification, clarity), steel chain, large lobster claw clasp, wild tag. OOAK. All metals are nickel, lead, cadmium free.

Dark Ferns: Copper electroformed found ferns, copper chains, lobster claw clasp, wild tags. All metals are nickel, lead, cadmium free.

WEALLFALLDOWN sale: 10% off all purchases

Supporting ACLU by donating 5% of total sales during the show

  wildbonealchemy.com · Instagram · TikTok