2024 Green Witch Online Market

Ghost Ship Market Green Witch Online Market, April 28-30

Embrace the dark side of spring and discover unique treasures from our selection of goth creatives, curators, and metaphysical makers.


On Sunday, April 28, at 6 a.m. PDT, through April 30 at midnight PDT, 25 amazing goth and goth friendly vendors will join forces to bring you a wonderful array of goth handmade décor and clothes, metaphysical wares, curated goth friendly and dark academia vintage, as well as indie books!

There will be fundraising for the Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Institution, online live events, and shared sales with the code GREENWITCH! Be sure to stop by Sunday through Tuesday to check everything out!


april beila studio

April B. Rosenberg is a Brooklyn, NY based sea witch and ecofeminist artist. She works in mediums such as collage, poetry, jewelry, hand-made candles and shell craft. She uses found items to explore ecological impact and our spiritual connection to objects, especially those of the natural variety. All natural items are ethically sourced.

GREENWITCH sale: 10% off with code during the show.

aprilbeilastudio.bigcartel.com |

Fennel & Clark

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.

Our jewelry line features wax seal jewelry made from our original wax seals, then cast using the lost wax method, with subject matter ranging from the occult to the esoteric. We also create luminous set stone pieces and tailored styles, with an emphasis on versatile jewelry that is comfortable enough for everyday wear. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

Our vintage selections focus on sourcing unusual, interesting, and cozy dark academia, Victorian, and dark cottagecore pieces for your home, as well as quality “final girl”, dark academia, and elder goth styles to wear. While it was already something we were doing for ourselves, we started doing this for others while Riri was unable to create due to chemotherapy (and Josiah was busy being a caretaker), and happily discovered that it added the final missing ingredient to our business.

By sponsoring this show, we hope to connect the amazing people we’ve met while vending in the Northeast with more local, small-batch, and environmentally friendly artists and businesses that match their vibe.

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GREENWITCH sale: automatic 13% off zodiac necklaces during the show, plus everyday free shipping to US addresses with a purchase of $45 or more.

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 Toccata & fougère

Illuminate your senses with Toccata & Fougère’s line of moody, goth-inspired fragrances. With original scents ranging from floral to fresh, fruity to sweet, and woody to leathery, and your choice of candles or incense, you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touch for your space. Stop by and find your new favorite today.

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other vendors:

aromageddon candles

AromaGeddon Candles makes apocalypse-themed scented tins and anatomical votives. Black-owned, eco-friendly, and bad-ass.

GREENWITCH sale: 20% off your entire purchase from AromaGeddonCandles.com during the show.



“I specialize in creating handcrafted jewelry and other art and display pieces made with cruelty free bones, skulls, and crystals. All the bones I use are sourced from animals that died of natural causes. It is my mission to bring new life to the bones of these animals by turning them into something beautiful that will be loved and cherished. Incorporating crystals is a lovely way to add positive and healing energy to many of my pieces. Each piece is one of a kind and crafted with love and care. I also do custom orders for clients who are looking for something special that they can’t find anywhere else.”

GREENWITCH sale: 10% automatic discount during the show.



The Botanicult is Kata of Black Moon Botanics & Christina of The Glass Garden, two artists with an obsession with flowers and reverence for nature who share a studio space in Rockland, Mass. From pressed florals in hand-cut glass, to botanical soap, perfumes and incense, everything we make is inspired and derived from the flowers and plants we grow.

GREENWITCH sale: automatic 20% off all incense during the show. Free shipping code available for orders over $65.



Chthonic Star makes and provides chthonically-inspired ritual tools and witchcraft supplies. Their growing product line includes hand crafted 100% beeswax candles painted with non-toxic paint, ritual oils and bath blends made with pure essential oils (in organic coconut carrier oil), hand carved runes, ritual drums, and talismans. They have a strong animistic environmental ethic and encourage all levels of practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able.

Chthonic Star’s intention is to help practitioners develop or expand their craft, through a focus on deeply rooted, practical, and empowered Earth-centric foundations, to support what they have coined Full Cycle Witchcraft and Chthonic Grounding.

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Naia Poyer of Deathcap Decor makes nature- and magic-inspired adornments for the self and the home. Located at the intersection of natural and uncanny, their aesthetic caters to goblins, witches, neon goths, and lovers of dark cottagecore—and almost everything glows in the dark. With wall-hanging bioluminescent mushroom sculptures, softly-glowing terrariums and bone art, and brilliantly fluorescent specimen bottle jewelry, they aim to transform ordinary spaces into lavish forest bowers or bejeweled grottos where all creatures can happily lurk.

Deathcap Decor was born from their love of unconventional spaces and maximalist decor. They also create oil paintings, prints, and stickers featuring natural and human subjects. There will always, definitely, be frogs.

GREENWITCH sale: 10% with code GREENWITCH during the show.



Eli is an urban fantasy writer.

“Thanks to my parents and brother, I have a deep love for reading, especially fantasy, and I translated that love into writing a series of books about a bar-owning witch out to save the world.

Book 1, “Welcome to Jessie’s” and Book 2, “Where the Ogrekin Roam” : A retired witch owns a bar in Georgia, and her life is almost perfect right up until she finds a dead gargoyle in her bathroom. Now she has to figure out who killed him, not get framed for the murder, and save the world. These are the first two books in the series with book 3 coming soon.”

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GREENWITCH sale: 20% off of books with code during the show.



“I have been making jewelry for over twenty years. I use my love of horror and vintage jewelry as inspiration for my designs. I often use vintage materials in my work and love breathing new life into broken jewelry. My work incorporates a variety of design elements to create a dark, spooky aesthetic.”

GREENWITCH sale: 25% off with code.




Instruments of Desire is a line of high-quality, hand crafted wooden kink toys and equipment. We make unique and custom play paddles, stretcher bars and other pieces of erotic equipment with a focus on high quality materials and craftsmanship. All of our products are built to be enticing and enjoyed by both the giver and receiver.

GREENWITCH sale: discount on a new product for the market.



Marianne R. Petit is an artist who makes anatomical papercraft, including pop-up books, cards, paper cuts, and lenticular prints. Her work can be found in numerous museum, library, and private collections.

SUPPORTING WHOI by donating 10% of all sales during the show.

GREENWITCH sale: 10% off all items in their Etsy shop with code.



Original Art ! Real History! 1348 – 1848. Original, handmade dark, macabre and Gothic historically based art, inspired by history and folklore.

Ofgraveconcern creates macabre, dark, and Gothic historical illustration, prints, candles, tarot cards, bottles, and plaques inspired by the historical psychology, events, and historical figures from the Black Death, to the Gothic Victorian.

I have a passion for art and history, the history behind what would become folklore, what were people’s fears and hopes? What led them to make the decisions they made.

I wish to provide a creative window to these people.

Once again in our time, history and its interpretation has become of paramount importance.

SUPPORTING WHOI on Instagram, and by donating 10% of sales during the show.



Jean of Ownedbytwins has been sewing for a few decades now, and uses her skills to stay out of trouble, and bring you handmade witchy, whimsical and gothic clothing and accessories.

SUPPORTING WHOI by donating $10 from the sale of every mushroom cloak; $5 from the sales of all other cloak designs.

GREENWITCH sale: 10% off any purchase over $50 during the show.



Punched Tin Press is a small business dedicated to bookmaking, printmaking, and creating other art objects inspired by antiques and antiquity. The work is largely inspired by Medieval, Gothic, and Early American aesthetics, particularly the macabre and “memento mori” traditions of each.

GREENWITCH sale: 10% off entire store during the show.



At Queen of Cups Apothecary, our goal is to provide local and ethically sourced apothecary and altar products. We organically grow all the herbs and flowers used in our products on our small homestead in western Massachusetts. The bones and any animal products used in our projects are ethically sourced from the New England area. All the crystals used in our products are ethically sourced as well and most are mined by local rock hounds. We pride ourselves on know where our products come from. Each item is handcrafted with love and intension.

So, come on in and take a look around: we promise you’ll be spellbound.

SUPPORTING WHOI by donating 10% of sales during the show.

GREENWITCH sale: 22% off during the show.



Queen of Swords makes craft apothecary goods for fellow weird, wild, and dark-hearted souls.

GREENWITCH sale: 25% off plus a free gift with orders over $75.



Please note that, due to a personal emergency, Sea Witch Jewlz will be away during the show, and will fulfil orders the following week.

SeaWitch Jewlz makes gothic & whimsical jewelry, and creepy décor. Wearable Art made for every body.

GREENWITCH sale: 15% off with code.



SLOE Design Studio is an emerging fashion and textile’s art label making romantic vintage fashion from natural textiles. As an independent label, we specialize in creating ready-to-wear and demi-couture featuring zero-waste design techniques. Based in Montreal, Canada, all of our designs are made in our studio by a skilled artisan.

SLOE is an acronym for Simple silhouettes, Luxurious textiles, Original Design, Eco-Responsible.

Nancy Drummond-Hay earned a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Technology from the Wilson School of Design, at Kwantlen Polytechnique University, British Columbia, Canada. Growing up in the Pacific coastal forest, a life lived within nature provided an abundant source of inspiration for the main themes in her work.

Awarded the John Fluevog Unique Soles Scholarship, in 2019, and now an artisan member of the Conseil des métiers d’art du Québec (CMAQ), She specializes in innovative pattern cutting where she creates whimsical pieces using a zero-waste fashion design process that leaves no cutting scraps.

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sombre shade

Creator of dark and dreamy lampshades ~ Handmade in Salem, MA.



Still Dead Illustrations is the freelance studio of Massachusetts based illustrator Melanie Christopher. Her artwork focuses on witchy themes, Halloween imagery, and an amalgam of the creepily adorable and gothically glamorous. She works primarily in ink and watercolor but also has a selection of digitally made illustrations and acrylic paintings. She offers original illustrations as well as prints, stickers, and more!

GREENWITCH sale: 15% Off All orders over $15 during the show.


sugalski ceramics

I create lovingly handmade ceramics pieces, both functional and sculptural, drawing inspiration from the tones and textures found in nature. My pieces range from forest themes of mushrooms, cocoons and hives, to witchy creations featuring planchettes, animal skull carvings, and crystal topped pipes. My stock includes one-of-kind items, sets of pieces, and I have the option to create custom work as well.


GREENWITCH sale: Additional 10% off sale items with code.



Wick & Ronin is an art studio and production company who design and manufacture oddities, jewelry, arcane devices, clothing, and darkly curious baubles for the general constituency of night time subcultures.

SUPPORTING WHOI by donating half of the profits from all tentacle jewelry sold during this market.



Wings of Sin is a small clothing company featuring handmade and unique garments. Each piece is individually crafted to wrap your body in comfort and magick. Wings of Sin is for the wild witch, the comfort goth and all lovers of dark, alternative fashion.

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Jacqui Marqua of Yakkii’s Batty Creations went to school for Baking and Pastry and worked for years in the industry.

Noticing a need for high-quality baking mixes, she started Yakkii’s Batty Creations LLC in 2021. Her products feature all non-GMO ingredients. The mixes are all free of artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives. The chocolate is all soy-free with many gluten-free and vegan friendly options. All of Jacqui’s artisan mixes come in fun, reusable – eco friendly mason jars. She also makes lots of fun and spooky kitchen accessories!