2023 Salem September Night Market Vendors


Visit the Ghost Ship Market presents the Salem September Night Market!

Feed your dark side by visiting our Salem September Night Market, held in Old Town Hall, Salem, on September 16 from 5-9:30. With over 20 local goth vendors, you’re sure to find something unusual…just like you. If you’re not sure what to get, our vendors have suggested some of their favorite products for you!

The charity for this market is ACLU, and you can either donate directly at our Instagram page, or donate at the show.

Vendor List

Sponsored by: Fennel & Clark

Also Vending:

BestStitchesxo Evens and Oddities FancyMonsterVision Ghost in the Meadow Jack Attackk Clothing Julian The 2nd Jewelry Keep Salem Odd Madam Macabre’s Monster Emporium Mall Goth Trash Myles McDonough Needful Strings Shoppe Nightshade Knots Phytognosis Roses N Dragons Designs Soot Jewelry Spiritus Arcanum Stytch Wytch Threads The October House 1031 Toccata & Fougère Trued Apparel


Fennel & Clark™


Riri Hess

Handy Earrings

Fennel & Clark – Marisa Hess (she/they) & Josiah Pierce (he/his)

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.
As artisans, we feel it is our calling to help kindred spirits express their inner life outwardly through their dress. By exploring metaphysical and symbolic imagery, we hope to work within our culture’s shared visual language to create touchstones of understanding, whether that is through our own original work, or our vintage finds.
Our jewelry line includes delicate everyday pieces, inventive statement pieces, and luminous set stones. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.
Our vintage selections focus on sourcing unusual, interesting, and cozy dark academia, Victorian, and dark cottagecore pieces for your home. While it was already something we were doing for ourselves, we started doing this for others while Marisa was unable to create due to chemotherapy (and Josiah was busy being a caretaker), and happily discovered that it added the final missing ingredient to our business.
By sponsoring this show, we hope to connect the amazing people we’ve met while vending in the Northeast with more local, small-batch, and environmentally friendly artists and businesses that match their vibe.

  fennelandclark.shop · Instagram · Facebook · Pinterest · TikTok

Fennel & Clark’s picks

Fennel & Clark™  suggests their Handy Earrings – steeped in symbolic meaning, hands have been portrayed in art since the Paleolithic period. Our hypo-allergenic antiqued sterling silver Handy earrings feature a solid sterling charm suspended from a sterling silver hook. 

They also suggest their Virgo Wax Seal pendant, for Virgo season.


BestStitchesxo – Meghan Harvey (she/her)

BestStitchesxo is a children’s boutique inspired by horror, goth, and alternative styles. She loves sewing anything unique and spooky! A mama of three kiddos, with one having a sensory disorder, set her on a path to making clothing more comfortable while still being stylish. The fabric purchased is high-quality and specially printed in the US. This makes for longer lasting and more durable clothing.

  etsy.com/shop/BestStitchesxo · Instagram ·  Facebook

Meghan’s picks

Jack-o’-lantern Hooded Tee, Spooky pumpkins with an embroidered hood.

Horror Tee Featuring Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers. Perfect for Spooky Season!

Pastel goth Dress featuring unicorn Skulls, Crystals and Candles.


Evens and Oddities – Kyle Rowe (he/him)

Evens & Oddities is a small local business in Haverhill MA. I’ve been open for 5 years. I create animal taxidermy pieces, bone artwork in frames and under domes as well as butterfly pieces. The shop also has crystals, gems, various animal skulls & skeletons. I’m open daily 12-6.

  Google Maps · Instagram · Facebook

Kyle’s picks

Taxidermy ducks, animal skull under dome, and a butterfly framed.


FancyMonsterVision – Echo (she/they)

Echo is a Trop Goth Pop Alchemist who mindfully crafts sustainable and accessible products for the modern world. These include herbal infused oils, perfumes, incenses and balms that can help navigate the energy of modernity.

She caters her work specifically for the decidedly unrefined, the perpetually overwhelmed, and those with neurodivergent or chronic pain ailments. Spooky hotties come in all forms, and everyone’s welcome to be a Fancy Monster!

HAUNTEDSEPTEMBER sale: Free Gift on orders over $75!

  fancymonstervision.com · Instagram

Echo’s picks

Gtfo Hydroflora- 3 sizes available- a perfume that smells incredible and keeps people who suck far far away from you. (Also comes in a mini trio set for $15- excellent stocking stuffer!)

Elastic Heart- For the hopeless romantics, optimists and lovers who are perpetually heartbroken and grief stricken by the world today. Excellent for etheric armor + resilience, with anti anxiety relief as a bonus

Make Your Own Incense Kit- will be a great gift for those who want a great hands on gift for a hard to shop for goth!


Ghost in the Meadow – Kelsey Dudek (she/her)

Ghost in the Meadow is a fiber artist specializing in handwoven tapestries and needle felted creations to haunt your homes. Her tapestries are full of handspun high quality fibers in dark and moody color palettes. Her needle felting draws inspiration from classic Halloween imagery and the magic of the forest. Current needle felted collections include adoptable ghosts, Halloween ornaments, Waldorf witch dolls, framed family ghost portraits, and her own line of original nature inspired cryptids: Meadow Monsters.

  ghostinthemeadow.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok

Kelsey’s picks

Kelsey reminds us that no house can be a home without a spirit lovingly haunting it or a creature lurking in a dark corner. Meadow monsters are the cryptids who have crawled up out of the Earth- created with wool and needle felted by hand. Shroomberts big and small are able to be bent in all manner of spooky poses. Daddy Pumpkin Legs aren’t dangerous but they do help anyone who stumbles across one feel like it’s Halloween every day. If it’s a haunting you’re after, there are little spirits awaiting adoption. Some have come from the forest, others from the candy factory, but all are delightfully spooky. 


Jack Attackk Clothing – Jacki (she/her)

At Jack Attackk Clothing, we combine goth and punk elements with couture techniques to create one of a kind pieces for runway and clientele as well as designing inclusive casual pieces for everyday wear. All of our one of a kind pieces are hand-made by our owner, Jaclyn Robichaud Doyle, down to the most intricate couture techniques like beading and embroidery. In the past few years, JAC has expanded to include a variety of casual pieces; these pieces are either designed by Jaclyn or feature her original artwork and are reproduced in small batch runs. This allows JAC to create more casual pieces in a range of sizes. Each textile design begins as a pen and ink drawing that is then scanned, digitally traced, and replicated to make a repeat design. So even when you purchase something as simple as a tee shirt or skater dress, you’re wearing original art. Alternative Fashion Design made local, inclusive, and sustainable.

  jackattackkclothing.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok

Jacki’s pick

Her new tote with moon phases filled with filigree!


Julian The 2nd Jewelry – Julian De La Garza (he/him)

Julian The 2nd is a dark fashion jewelry brand. The aesthetic is inspired by brutalist and religious architecture as well as the occult. This blend makes for unique, high quality talismanic pieces of jewelry.

  Julianthe2nd.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok · Threads

Julian’s picks

Julian suggests: his cathedral necklaces and his Gargoyle’s perch necklaces.


Keep Salem Odd – Annie (she/her)

Keep Salem Odd celebrates the exuberant, creative, indie spirit which burns in modern Salem MA with a strong dose of the creepy, spooky, gothy side that keeps us cold at night.

  keepsalemodd.com · Instagram · Facebook 

Annie’s picks

Annie suggests her Elder Goth Quintessential Tee – No need to stare perplexedly into your wardrobe any longer (unless you’ve found your door to Narnia is suddenly missing!), for this t-shirt can be your go to, any day, for any occasion!

She also suggests her Coffin Succulent Ghost Garden Kit – your choice of hand decorated coffin along with a selection of mini-succulents, soil, lava drainage rocks, directions for planting and care, and a wee ghostie to keep it all safe in the night. 


Madam Macabre’s Monster Emporium – Stephanie Stensrud (she/her)

Madam Macabre creates unique horror movie prop replicas, horror movie-themed art and gothy home decor for horror-lovers, collectors and fans of the macabre.

 madammacabre.Etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook 

Madam Macabre’s picks

Stephanie suggests her homages to classic horror films: Freddy Krueger’s telephone, which is a vintage telephone with Freddy’s chin and tongue emerging from it, my Lost Boys-inspired Takeout Containers full of worms and maggots, and Gage’s bloody shoe from Pet Sematary.


Mall Goth Trash – Melissa Thyden (she/her)

Handmade fashion pieces for unique alternative folx of all ages and genders. Everything is pattern drafted, sewn, and handmade by me in my studio in Massachusetts. All designs are my original artwork for edgy fashionistas who want to turn heads and start trends.

  etsy.com/shop/mallgothtrash · Instagram · Facebook

Melissa’s picks

Her handmade fashion pieces, hoodies and T-shirts!



Knots by Myles McDonough (he/him)

Myles McDonough is a writer living in Boston, MA. His first novel, Knots, takes place in the New England fetish scene. His fiction has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post.
Here are some reviews of his novel, Knots.
“Thrilling, Sexy and Scarey [sic.]”
“Knots is difficult to put down once you get started.
Overall, if you like a dystopian novel, to stretch your thinking beyond what life is today and what it could be, then Knots is a must. If you’re looking for a funny, clever, and momentous read, then it’s also a must!
The thing that struck me most was the depth of community and affection that jumped off the page – Knots is truly a work of love.”
“One of my favorite parts about the book is that despite it being set under the backdrop of dark and oppressive control, there is a refreshing sense of humor and you’re really drawn in to the characters.”
“At first I read for the compelling premise of the novel, but by its end I was reading for the beautiful moments where the characters helped each other — and this novel had moments that really captured the fragile beauty of that.”

 MylesMcDonough.com · Instagram · Facebook 


Needful Strings Shoppe – Syd Casey (she/her)

Needful Strings Shoppe is a one-woman circus that dives into the weird, dark, and spooky through the form of finished cross stitch and embroidery, as well as PDF patterns. Heavily influenced by death, graveyards, and the horror genre with a splash of the nostalgic, Needful designs tend to embrace what none of us can escape. Don’t let the cemetery scene behind every photo fool you though, there are also some light-hearted pieces and 90s references sprinkled throughout the shoppe. Every item is created with upcycled and vintage materials that is either locally sourced or sourced from other small businesses to help create a smaller footprint.

  needfulstringsshoppe.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok

Syd shares her 3 favorite pieces for you…

Pause a Moment as You Go By… a 7×10” faux wood rectangular frame with a poem from a found cemetery sign hand stitched in the center. Complete with headstones on the bottom, it reads “Pause a moment as you pass by. As you are now, so once were we. As we are now, so shall you be.”

All Men are Cremated Equal… A 4” mini wood hoop fit with the words “All Men Are Cremated Equal” in the center. PDF pattern of this piece is also available.

“Scooby-Doo taught us that the real monsters were always human”… Complete with small blue florals, deep green vines, and slate grey bats. PDF pattern of this piece is also available.


Nightshade Knots – Courtney Tharp (she/her)

Courtney Tharp, the creative behind Nightshade Knots, puts a Salem-inspired twist on the typical boho world of fiber arts and macramé. Incorporating crystals, witchy charms, and locally sourced bones, she knots plant hangers, accessories, and one-of-a-kind wall hangings. She also welcomes custom requests for those who are looking to add a unique statement piece to their space. What started as a holiday DIY project in 2020, eventually bloomed into a crafty undertaking of a new medium. Using the color palette of New England—and a bit of knot magic—Nightshade Knots invites the spooky, and sometimes dreary, vibes of Salem, MA into the everyday home.

  nightshadeknots.etsy.com · Instagram 

Product Pick

Macramé Wall Hanging


Phytognosis – Jeremy Bechelli (he/him)

Phytognosis specializes in handmade artisanal incense and ritual oils that are 100% natural and free of synthetics or fragrance oils. Our products are made entirely from plant material that is organic or ethically wildcrafted. Most of our products are ritually made, meaning we make each item during astrologically auspicious timing or according to medieval occult practices. Furthermore, we carry rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for ritual, meditation, spiritual workings, and personal enjoyment. We also have several ready-to-use products for novice practitioners.

  phytognosis.org · Instagram 

Jeremy’s Pick

Phytognosis recommends Necromancy Incense – Our necromancy incense was created during the dark of the moon and cured for a full dark lunar cycle before being released for sale. This blend is composed of several types of myrrh, dragons blood, clove, black walnut wood, and cypress among other botanicals aligned to the shades of the dead. This is the perfect blend for all works of the dead.


Roses N Dragons – Melanie Steinbrecher (she/her)

Roses N Dragons Designs is a small business that produces preserved nature jewelry & terrarium art. Each piece is carefully crafted by artist, Melanie Rose, who gathers all of the materials herself out in the woods, her garden, or anywhere something catches her eye. She lets nature guide her process and dictate all of the unique, one-of-kind designs. Most are inspired by elements of the forest, and some are dark and witchy with glow-in-the-dark details. Every necklace, earring, ring, and terrarium are made with intention and infused with Melanie’s deep passion for the magick of the natural world.

  rosesndragonsdesigns.com · Instagram · Facebook 

Melanie created several new pieces for the show!

Mushroom & Nightshade Brass Pendant: this brass pendant features a real, preserved plums and custard mushroom and a delicate, little nightshade flower.
Mushroom & Moonshine Leaf Coffin Earrings: these wood frame, coffin-shaped earrings feature little preserved meadow mushrooms, moonshine yarrow leaves, and little grass stems. 
White Admiral Butterfly, Daisy, & Yarrow Terrarium: this tall, dome terrarium features many pieces of preserved nature including a white admiral butterfly, daisy flowers, yarrow, dutchman’s pipe, a variety of mushrooms, and more.


Soot Jewelry – Rose Gordon (she/her)

Soot Jewelry is a line of sterling silver jewelry that draws on gothic architectural tracery and cemetery imagery, handmade by artist and metalsmith Rose Gordon. Inspired by old worlds and strange places, Soot Jewelry is a silver love letter to both history and ruin.

  sootjewelry.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok

Rose’s pick:

Rose would like to recommend her Celestial Spike earrings and pendant, they’re one of her most popular designs and look amazing on all types of people. 


Spiritus Arcanum – Matthew Venus (he/him)

Spiritus Arcanum prides itself on providing quality crafted, traditionally prepared, and mindfully curated ritual tools, art, candles, books, and apothecary items for both the discerning magical practitioner and spiritual seeker alike.

 SpiritusArcanum.com · Instagram · Facebook 

Matthew’s pick:

His magical oils!


Stytch Wytch Threads – Lee (they/he)

Stytch Wytch Threads is a queer-owned brand touting handmade goods with intention. From woodburned art and leather work to patches and glass etching, Stytch Wytch can provide any and all things witchy, weird, and wonderful.


Lee’s picks:

While I started out just making patches, Stytch Wytch Threads has evolved to include a variety of dark and witchy needs. Our most popular items include one-of-a-kind charcuterie boards and divination boards, which often get hand-burned with anything from animal skulls to herbs to runes. (I’m also open for custom commissions!)
In addition, my partner offers a line of D&D themed vegan-friendly Shea butter soaps in a variety of scents and color schemes. Each bar of soap has a curated set of polyhedral dice inside.


The October House 1031 – Charles J. Lang (he/his)

Charles Lang and his wife, Wendy Snow-Lang, have hosted a pop up Halloween Art Show, Terror Fantasies, for 25 years since the beginning of Haunted Happenings. Now, they have developed a new Halloween art business called The October House 1031, featuring originals, prints, pins, tote bags, stickers, and other merch made from their own art images.


Charles’ picks:

Charles Lang print “A Black Cat Visits The Crescent Moon.” Set of 3 Salem Cemetery Headstone Pins on panoramic backer board Odd-Kinz “Barnabas Bat.”

Toccata & Fougere



Toccata & Fougère – Marisa Hess (she/they)

Stemming from a life-long interest in fragrance, Toccata & Fougère is the personal project of Fennel & Clark founder, Marisa Hess. The scents are crafted with an eye towards creating immersive olfactory environments, inspired by romantic literature, mythology, and more.

With both candles and incense, and a wide variety of fragrances, it’s easy to drift off into your perfect world.

  available at fennelandclark.shop · Instagram 

Marisa’s pick:

I will be debuting a new fragrance at the show, Silk Road. This fragrance is an unusual creation in the world of fragrance: a dry gourmand. With notes of dried dates, black tea, sandalwood, and exotic spices, this smooth blend is perfect for fall, without being a “typical” fall scent.



Trued Apparel – Melissa Woods (she/her)

Trued Apparel is a dark minimalist clothing line founded in 2020. Founder Melissa Woods relies on local production partners, photographers and friends to build this brand of elegant alt-fashion, combining everyday loungewear-level comfort with eye-catching, sophisticated silhouettes. Trued Apparel emphasizes sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices, minimizing material waste, and working for a better future for people and planet.

 shoptrued.com · Instagram · Facebook

Melissa’s picks:

Melissa recommends her D-ring tunic and hook belt.