2024 Midsummer Online Market

Embrace the darker side of spring and uncover a host of unique treasures from our talented goth artists, curators, and metaphysical creators.


On Sunday, June 23, at 6 a.m. PDT, through June 25 at midnight PDT, a group of amazing goth and goth friendly vendors will join forces to bring you a wonderful array of goth handmade décor and clothes, jewelry, metaphysical wares, curated vintage, and home fragrance, as well as indie books!

There will be fundraising for RAINN, online live events, and shared sales with the code HAUNTEDSUMMER! Be sure to stop by Sunday through Tuesday to check everything out! Check out the shopping guide here: Midsummer Online Market Shopping Guide

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INSTAGRAM live schedule (EdT)

Sunday, June 23
Blaqk Lace Jewelry – 7 pm

Monday, June 24
Toccata & Fougère – 11 am
Midnight Apothecary – 6 pm

Tuesday, June 25
Mixed Mama’s Creations – 6 pm
Fennel & Clark – 8 pm



show sponsor:

Fennel & Clark

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.

Our jewelry line features wax seal jewelry made from our original wax seals, then cast using the lost wax method, with subject matter ranging from the occult to the esoteric. We also create luminous set stone pieces and tailored styles, with an emphasis on versatile jewelry that is comfortable enough for everyday wear. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

Our vintage selections focus on sourcing unusual, interesting, and cozy dark academia, Victorian, and dark cottagecore pieces for your home, as well as quality “final girl”, dark academia, and elder goth styles to wear. While it was already something we were doing for ourselves, we started doing this for others while Riri was unable to create due to chemotherapy (and Josiah was busy being a caretaker), and happily discovered that it added the final missing ingredient to our business.

By sponsoring this show, we hope to connect the amazing people we’ve met while vending in the Northeast with more local, small-batch artists and businesses that match their vibe.

SUPPORTING RAINN on Instagram, and by collecting via tip jar at checkout, with matching donations up to $100.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: automatic 13% off zodiac necklaces during the show, plus everyday free shipping to US addresses with a purchase of $45 or more.

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other vendors:

Awakened Creations Apothecary

Step into the world of Awakened Creations Apothecary. Our handcrafted, non-toxic, organic, and sustainably sourced botanical remedies and skincare creations are born from a deep reverence for nature and meticulously crafted using only the finest natural ingredients. Embrace the transformative power of nature’s bounty with Awakened Creations Apothecary.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off with discount code.


Blaqk Lace Jewelry

Hand-forged jewelry inspired by mythology, nature, fantasy, and literature – dark stories told through metal and stone.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off all sales.

SUPPORTING RAINN by donating 10% of sales during market.


Bunbury & Co.

Bunbury & Co. offers sand-carved glassware and handmade ceramics that bring an aura of mystery and curiosity to your home. Our glassware is etched by hand using artisanal sand carving techniques to produce greater clarity and depth than laser engraving, resulting in stunning, heirloom-quality glassware.

Raise a glass to the past, present, and future with our Tarot card pint glasses, or channel otherworldly energies with our spirit board rocks glasses.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off sitewide.

SUPPORTING RAINN by offering a tip jar at checkout.



Eli is an urban fantasy writer.

“Thanks to my parents and brother, I have a deep love for reading, especially fantasy, and I translated that love into writing a series of books about a bar-owning witch out to save the world.

“Book 1, Welcome to Jessie’s and Book 2, Where the Ogrekin Roam: A retired witch owns a bar in Georgia, and her life is almost perfect right up until she finds a dead gargoyle in her bathroom. These are the first two books in the series with book 3 coming soon.”

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 20% off of books and packages with code during the show.

SUPPORTING RAINN on Instagram, and providing a tip jar during the show.



Jennifer McCarthy has been making jewelry for over 20 years. Final Girl Designs creates small batch and one of a kind jewelry for the fashionably brave. Jennifer’s pieces are made to accentuate the dark aesthetic an often include vintage materials.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 25% off with code.



Amos Madruga/The Lesser Saints is a Salem-based artist primarily working in the realm of dark illustration.

His inspiration runs the gamut; from Baroque-period grandiosity, the pre-Raphaelites and into the works of the early 20th century. ‘I hope to immerse viewers into a scene and to communicate a mood rather than a specific meaning. In all things, I want to be an honest translator of the various planes of the psyche.’

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 15% off with code during the show.

SUPPORTING RAINN by donating 5% of sales during the show.


Midnight Apothecary

The Midnight Apothecary was founded to create incense for magickal and spiritual purposes. Each incense blend is crafted with specific intentions that reflect the properties of the ingredients used within, perfect for spellwork and intention setting practices!

Midnight Apothecary incense is 100% all-natural and is only made from powdered woods, herbs, tree resins, flowers, spices and gums. There is never any synthetic fragrances or oil used in our incense, resulting in a higher quality, low-smoke incense that is perfect for ritual rooms or small living quarters.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 30% off orders of $60 or more.



“Welcome to Mixed Mama’s Creations, the home of ethically sourced taxidermy and wet specimens, as well as art and jewelry made with skulls, bones, and teeth. Any animal part I use is ethically sourced, No animals were harmed in the making of my art. I love taking something that would just rot away, and preserving it to be beautiful forever. Thank you for visiting Mixed Mama’s Creations!”

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off any purchase and free shipping!


The Nocturnal Emporium

The Nocturnal Emporium is for those with a fascination of the dark and mysterious. We have a carefully crafted and curated selection of candles, jewelry and clothing.

SUPPORTING RAINN by donating 5% of all sales during the show.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off all online orders



The Pendulum Swings is a psychic medium, intuitive, and witch, who offers a range of readings from tarot, to channeled, to past life regression. Her readings seek to provide guidance, validation, and proof of the unseen, and are arranged in written form as reference and keepsake.

SUPPORTING RAINN by donating a percentage of sales during the show.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 13% off all readings.



Illuminate your senses with Toccata & Fougère’s line of moody, goth-inspired fragrances. With original scents ranging from floral to fresh, fruity to sweet, and woody to leathery, and your choice of candles or incense, you’re sure to find the perfect finishing touch for your space. Stop by and find your new favorite today.

SUPPORTING RAINN on Instagram, and as part of fennelandclark.shop.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: (on fennelandclark.shop) buy 3 home fragrance items, get an incense pack free with code, plus everyday free shipping to US addresses with a purchase of $45 or more.



Trued Apparel is a dark minimalist clothing line founded in 2020. Founder Melissa Woods relies on local production partners, photographers and friends to build this brand of elegant alt-fashion, combining everyday loungewear-level comfort with eye-catching, sophisticated silhouettes.

Trued Apparel emphasizes sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices, minimizing material waste, and working for a better future for people and planet.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off any purchase over $50 during the show.