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Please note that these are all Goth-themed shows, and we are only looking for Goth and Goth-friendly vendors. We are, however, open to all varieties of goth and goth-adjacent styles, and are more concerned with quality then if “pastel goth” or “dark academia” count as goth.

All vendors are responsible for obtaining their own sales tax permit for whichever state an in-person show is held in, as well as any required permits, licenses, or insurance they may be legally obligated to have. Ghost Ship Market does not provide permitting services or advice.

Finally, we do not allow human remains, knock-offs, candles with non-wax decorations (i.e., crystals and herbs on top), white sage by non-tribal members, weapons, controlled substances, or any other dangerous goods. This is not a complete list of what we do not allow; please refer to the applications for a complete list.

Ghost Ship Market @ManRay: 1st and 3rd Saturdays

Our main repeating show: a new bimonthly market at the LEGENDARY ManRay nightclub in Cambridge Mass! This is an air-conditioned indoor venue, great for avoiding rain and being too hot in black summer outfits, and is a 19+ show. There is also a dedicated Discord server for customer support for this show! You can find it here:

All shows are on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, (except January), and run from 12-5 pm. Feel free to save a future date, and please see below for all currently open applications. Full event details on applications.

July general applications for Ghost Ship Market @ManRay: July 6 & 20
Round 1 applications close on May 21.

Round 2 applications for Ghost Ship Market June dates @ManRay: June 1 & 15
Round 2 applications close on May 14.

May WAITLIST ONLY applications for Ghost Ship Market @ManRay: May 4 & 18

North Shore Summer Oddities Fest, Friday July 12, Chelmsford Elks Lodge

Ghost Ship Market presents the North Shore Summer Oddities Fest: Friday, July 12, 4-9 pm.
We have heard the requests for more budget-friendly shows, and we are doing our best to accommodate you! On July 12, the North Shore Summer Oddities Fest will be held at the air conditioned Chelmsford Elks Function Hall – 15 minutes from downtown Lowell. There is an established oddities customer base near Lowell, but the main show in the area doesn’t run in the summer! Round 1 applications close on May 21.

We All Fall Down, Saturday August 31, Salem Old Town Hall

Ghost Ship Market presents We All Fall Down: Saturday, August 31, 11-6.
On August 31, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, Ghost Ship Market returns to the Old Salem Town Hall! This market will focus on goth and goth-adjacent aesthetics of all types, with a special emphasis on back-to-school options, literary creators, oddities, taxidermy, the delightfully weird, and the artfully bizarre. Round 1 applications close on June 21.

Salem Yule Marketplace, Saturday December 14, Salem Old Town Hall

Ghost Ship Market presents the Salem Yule Marketplace: Saturday, December 14, 11-6.
On December 14, the best Yule market returns to Salem! This market will focus on gifts for goths, with all subgenres of goth and varieties of goth-adjacent vendors welcome. Round 1 applications close on June 21.

Online Shows

Online shows are essentially a shared online showcase. Participating vendors will be listed on this website in a dedicated show guide, along with a shopping guide highlighting their best goods. Customers are directed to the vendors’ individual websites to make purchases. There will be many posts on all our active social media channels in the weeks leading up to the show, with each vendor getting an individual highlight post. Additionally, there are optional shared sales codes, an official live schedule, and a shared charity to help with promotion.

Recommended for vendors who want to have weather-proof events on their schedule, or who want to find customers outside of their local markets. Best for vendors with an active online presence and regular online sales.

All online shows run Sunday – Tuesday, for optimal online sales.

Ghost Ship Market presents the Midsummer Online Market: June 23-25 (Sun-Tues)
Embrace the dark side of summer and discover unique treasures from our selection of goth creatives, curators, and metaphysical makers. Round 1 applications close May 21.
Charity: RAINN

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2 thoughts on “Apply to Vend

  1. Scott Goudsward says:

    Hi there! Can I be added to the wait list for vendors? I run the New England Horror Writers. I sell books from our members.

    1. riri
      riri says:

      Hi Scott!

      I just opened up a waitlist application for the Yule Marketplace. It’s linked on this page. 🙂 My apologies for taking so long to reply – I didn’t get an alert for your comment.


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