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Salem Yule Marketplace

Welcome to Ghost Ship Market Presents the Salem Yule Marketplace!

With a refreshing array of art, beauty, home décor, home fragrance, handmade apothecary selections, jewelry, and vintage, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.

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Show Sponsor: Toccata & Fougère

Also Vending:

The Modern Victorian
The Morrigan’s Nest
Myles McDonough
Notso Kitty
The October House 1031
October Cult
Open Casket Vintage
Osteal Blossoms
Queerly Departed
Roses N Dragons Designs
Scrapped and Found
Side Quest Books & Games
Siren & Sea
Smoke and Honey
Soot Jewelry
Steps Into Madness
Still Dead Illustrations
Stytch Wytch Threads





Riri Hess


Toccata & Fougère – Riri Hess (she/they)

Stemming from a life-long interest in fragrance, Toccata & Fougère is the personal project of Fennel & Clark founder, Marisa Hess. The scents are crafted with an eye towards creating immersive olfactory environments, inspired by romantic literature, mythology, and more.

With both candles and incense, and a wide variety of fragrances, it’s easy to drift off into your perfect world.

Toccata & Fougère will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 50% off shipping on USPS Priority Mail 12/16 through 12/19 at fennelandclark.shop

available at fennelandclark.shop · Instagram 


The Modern Victorian Logo



The Modern Victorian – Suzanne Finn (she/hers)

I create insect shadow boxes and use vintage paper as the background. I also create jewelry from uranium glass beads and from vintage items such as Victorian buttons and mourning pieces.

The Modern Victorian can be found on the second floor.

  themodernvictorian.com · Instagram · Facebook


The Morrigan's Nest



The Morrigan’s Nest – Laura Przyjemski (she/her)

The Morrigan’s Nest is a high quality crystal and metaphysical brand. We focus on pleasing customers and providing the best experience possible to all interested. We share a metaphysical interest in our crystals but we want to make them fun and accessible to everyone of all ages. We offer everything from tumbles to beautiful specimen statement pieces and everything in between. In addition, we offer a limited variety of metaphysical supplies. At The Morrigan’s Nest we strive to promote a positive, accepting , and caring experience to everyone that shops with us!

The Morrigan’s Nest will be on the second floor.

  etsy.com/shop/TheMorrigansNestCo · Instagram · TikTok




Myles McDonough (he/him)

Myles McDonough is a writer living in Boston, MA. His first novel, Knots, takes place in the New England fetish scene. His fiction has appeared in The Saturday Evening Post.

Myles McDonough can be found on the second floor.

  mylesmcdonough.com · Instagram · Facebook · X




Notso Kitty – Wendy Casazza Scruton (she/her)

Notso Kitty creates handmade accessories for cats and cat lovers including cat toys, cat bow ties, cat hats, stickers, pins & postcards. Purrfect for Catsmas or Hannukat presents!

Notso Kitty will be on the second floor.

  notsokitty.com · Instagram · Facebook · X




The October House 1031 – Charles Lang (he/him)

We sell Halloween and Horror art prints, original art, hand-made jewelry, hand-sewn anthropomorphic, primitive dolls, enamel pins, tote bags with original art, etc.

The October House 1031 will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: buy two prints, get a smaller black and white print free.

  instagram.com/theoctoberhouse1031 · Facebook




October Cult – Alexandra & Jeremiah Hazel (she/her & he/him)

Alexandra & Jeremiah Hazel of October Cult create handmade artwork. They make Mixed-Media Collages within Shadowbox Frames (they call these Dream Boxes), as well as Fine Art Photography.

They curate and handmake everything involved in their works of art. This even includes many of the frames they use. Everything they do is all in-house, in their own art studio.

They love to combine the macabre and melancholy with highly-saturated color in their artworks. Their aesthetic beholds hauntingly beautiful imagery with a romantic horror quality.

October Cult can be found on the second floor.

  octobercult.com · Instagram




Ofgraveconcern – Glenn Church (he/him)

Original Art ! Real History! 1348 – 1848. Original, handmade dark, macabre and Gothic historically based art, inspired by the years 1348-1848.

Ofgraveconcern creates macabre, dark, and Gothic historical illustration, prints, candles, tarot cards, bottles, and plaques inspired by the historical psychology, events, and historical figures from the Black Death, to the Gothic Victorian.

I have a passion for art and history, the history behind what would become folklore, what were people’s fears and hopes? What led them to make the decisions they made.

I wish to provide a creative window to these people.

Once again in our time, history and its interpretation has become of paramount importance.

This Christmas and Yule season will feature art inspired by the folklore of the season, and the birth of the Christmas ghost story with art inspired by ‘A Christmas Carol’.

Ofgraveconcern will be on the first floor.

  ofgraveconcern.com · Instagram · Facebook


Open Casket Vintage



Open Casket Vintage – Angelina Parise (she/her)

Open Casket Vintage is a meticulously sourced and curated second hand goth and macabre clothes, accessories and haunted home décor shop, with a focus on affordable finds.

Open Casket Vintage will be on the first floor.

  opencasketvintage.com · Instagram




Osteal Blossoms – Kayla Rose (she/her)

Osteal Blossoms creates jewelry and décor for the macabre. Works include pendants, earrings, and rings made of ethically sourced bone, taxidermy, and human teeth. Materials are found, processed, and sanitized professionally in order to be made into wearable pieces of artwork.

Osteal Blossoms will be on the second floor.

  ostealblossoms.net · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok




Phytognosis – Jeremy Bechelli (he/him)

Phytognosis specializes in handmade artisanal incense and ritual oils that are 100% natural and free of synthetics or fragrance oils. Our products are made entirely from plant material that is organic or ethically wildcrafted. Most of our products are ritually made, meaning we make each item during astrologically auspicious timing or according to medieval occult practices. Furthermore, we carry rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, and leaves for ritual, meditation, spiritual workings, and personal enjoyment. We also have several ready-to-use products for novice practitioners.

Phytognosis will be on the second floor.

   phytognosis.org · Instagram 


Queerly Departed



Queerly Departed – Andy (they/them)

Queerly Departed is just 3 indie, neuro divergent queers just getting by, making merchandise for other queers. Their emphasis can be summarized with the phrase: Rustic Halloween Queer. Outside of that their interests and merchandise focus on Witchy, occult, plant, vintage Halloween art with added fat, sex, and neurodiverse Positivism!

Queerly Departed can be found on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% Off Orders During the Show

  queerlydeparted.net · Instagram · Facebook




Roses N Dragons Designs – Melanie Rose (she/her)

Roses N Dragons Designs is a local small business that produces handmade, nature-inspired resin jewelry & artworks. Each piece is unique and perfectly preserves a little bit of locally gathered nature inside. Artist Melanie Rose carefully collects and curates every piece of nature used which range from leaves, flowers, tree bark, mushrooms, & more!

Roses N Dragons Designs will be on the first floor.

  rosesndragonsdesigns.com · Instagram · Facebook



Scrapped and Found



Scrapped and Found – David Dawson (he/his)

I use vintage metal items to create whimsical creatures.

Scrapped and Found will be on the first floor.

  instagram.com/scrappedandfound · Facebook




Side Quest Books & Games – Caroline Sheridan (she/her)

We’re a highly curated fantasy-themed pop-up shop for books & indie tabletop role-play games by women and underrepresented creators in the fantasy space. We also sell dice, tarot decks and nerdy stickers from small women-owned businesses.

Side Quest Books & Games can be found on the second floor.

  sidequestbooks.com · Instagram · Facebook 


Siren & Sea Logo



Siren & Sea – Cass Warren (they/them)

Inspired by nature and a wanting to honor its magic, my pieces are sort of miniature love letters. My small bone and insect taxidermy strives to gently memorialize the creatures it comes from, my wall hangings hope to be reminders of the flowers and skies. My illustrations pull from the things I love in the world, as well as the more difficult to describe things within myself. I experiment in a few mediums, some decorative and some functional, and everything is lovingly created and printed in Salem, MA.

Siren & Sea will be on the second floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% off during the show

  sirenandsea.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok




Smoke and Honey – Heather Rose (she/they)

Smoke and Honey sells dark art and décor by Heather Rose. With everything from fine art prints, altar candles, notebooks, stickers, and even jewelry featuring her own original art, to hand-crafted ritual items such as spell jars, bath teas, and witch bells, you will find gifts for all the dark hearts in your life at Smoke and Honey.

Smoke and Honey will be on the second floor.

   SmokeandHoney.storenvy.com · Instagram · Facebook 


Soot Jewelry



Soot Jewelry – Rose Gordon (she/her)

Soot Jewelry is a line of sterling silver jewelry that draws on gothic architectural tracery and cemetery imagery, handmade by artist and metalsmith Rose Gordon. Inspired by old worlds and strange places, Soot Jewelry is a silver love letter to both history and ruin.

Soot Jewelry can be found on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: Free Shipping During the Show

  sootjewelry.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok


Steps Into Madness Logo



Steps Into Madness – Donna Steps (she/her)

Let your imagination run wild and decorate your home with our fun and quirky art pieces at Steps Into Madness. We are a home-based studio that creates unique works of art made from glass.

Steps Into Madness will be on the first floor.

  stepsintomadness.com · Instagram · Facebook




Still Dead Illustrations – Melanie Christopher (she/her)

Still Dead Illustrations is the freelance studio of Massachusetts based illustrator Melanie Christopher. Her artwork focuses on witchy themes, Halloween imagery, and an amalgam of the creepily adorable and gothicly glamorous. She works primarily in ink and watercolor but also has a selection of digitally made illustrations and acrylic paintings.

Still Dead Illustrations will be on the second floor.

  stilldeadart.com/ · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok




Stytch Wytch Threads – Lee (they/he)

Stytch Wytch Threads is a queer-owned brand touting handmade goods with intention. From woodburned art and leather work to patches and glass etching, Stytch Wytch can provide any and all things witchy, weird, and wonderful.

Stytch Wytch Threads can be found on the second floor.

  etsy.com/shop/stytchwytchthreads · Instagram