2023 Salem Yule Marketplace Vendors, A-L




Fennel & Clark™


Fennel & Clark – Riri Hess (she/they) & Josiah Pierce (he/his)

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.

Our jewelry line features wax seal jewelry made from our original wax seals, then cast using the lost wax method, with subject matter ranging from the occult to the esoteric. We also create luminous set stone pieces and tailored styles, with an emphasis on versatile jewelry that is comfortable enough for everyday wear. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

Our vintage selections focus on sourcing unusual, interesting, and cozy dark academia, Victorian, and dark cottagecore pieces for your home, as well as quality “final girl”, dark academia, and elder goth styles to wear. While it was already something we were doing for ourselves, we started doing this for others while Riri was unable to create due to chemotherapy (and Josiah was busy being a caretaker), and happily discovered that it added the final missing ingredient to our business.

By sponsoring this show, we hope to connect the amazing people we’ve met while vending in the Northeast with more local, small-batch, and environmentally friendly artists and businesses that match their vibe.

Fennel & Clark will be on the second floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 50% off shipping on USPS Priority Mail 12/16 through 12/19

 fennelandclark.shop · Instagram · Facebook · Pinterest · TikTok


Beautiful Freak Cosmetics Logo



Beautiful Freak Cosmetics – Avril Korman (she/her/they)

Beautiful Freak features hand made bath, body, and home goods for those who live on the dark side. Intentionally, carefully created items inextricably tied to music. By goths, for everyone.

Beautiful Freak Cosmetics will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: Free shipping on orders over $50 during the show.

  beautifulfreakcosmetics.com · Instagram · Facebook · Spoutible · TikTok · YouTube


Black Sheep Doll Co. Logo



Black Sheep Doll Co. – Dawn Rockett (she/her)

We specialize in crochet: one button eye dolls, horror dolls, as well as anxiety products. Our company goes for the “creepy cute” vibe. Weird, bold, and colorful creations that will brighten your day and hopefully comfort you as well.

Black Sheep Doll Co. will be on the first floor.

  blacksheepdollco.com · Instagram · Facebook




BLVE SANTA CVLT – Schon Wanner (he/him)

The Blve Santa Cvlt creates ritually crafted, hand-painted and sewn Poppets. The Cvlt’s one-of-a-kind, ultra deluxe Magick Dolls embody an eclectic blending of traditional Astrological and Magickal techniques. Featuring a unique zippered “stash” chamber, these Poppets represent a novel blend of Altar Ikon, Witchcraft Tool, and Spirit Familiar. The Blve Santa Cvlt is the devotional practice of Jupiterean Priest, Artist, and Yule Witch Schon Wanner.

Blve Santa Cvlt will be on the second floor.





BookEndDesigns & NOXilluminations – Steve Foote (he/him)

BookEndDesigns makes hollow book safes created from real books, often vintage books, with decorative covers. The book safes can be used as secret storage to hide cash or jewelry, or as decorative keepsake boxes to hold cherished items.

NOXilluminations is an everevolving collection of lamp and lighting creations by Steve Foote. NOXilluminations uses parts and pices of cast off, repurposed and forgotten items ranging from industrial to odd that are then transformed into functional, sculptural lighting.

BookEndDesigns & NOXilluminations will be on the first floor.

  bookenddesigns.etsy.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok

  noxilluminations.etsy.com · Instagram · TikTok




Bound By Gleipnir Heathenry & Wares – Kyle Reese (he/him)

Kyle Aaron Reese founded Bound By Gleipnir Heathenry & Wares in 2023 with his husband, Nick Cevoli, as an outlet for projects as he learns various Viking-era and Norse pagan crafts. Students and practitioners of ancient Scandinavian history of the Viking era, modern and historical gender studies, and Norse paganism, Kyle works with bone, antler, leather, wood, paint, and metal to create heathen jewelry, rune sets, and custom bindrunes, while Nick makes chainmail-type bracelets and necklaces. All items are handcrafted with care, and Bound By Gleipnir is happy to create custom items whenever desired.

Bound by Gleipnir Heathenry will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% off a rune set during the show.

  http://www.thequeerheathen.com/bound-by-gleipnir1.html#/ · Instagram · Facebook




Branchish Jerky – Chris White (he/him)

Branchish Jerky is a locally owned and operated small batch beef jerky business. We create hand crafted, thick-cut, artisanal beef jerky in nine different flavors. Each flavor is unique and sure to please the palate of any jerky lover.

Branchish Jerky will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% off during the show

  branchishjerky.com · Instagram · Facebook




Briar & Bone – Inge (she/sidhe/her)

Briar & Bone embodies the aesthetic of a Victorian era cabinet of curiosities, celebrating the wonders of the world through a high end collection of goods for the home, body, and mind, with a focus on science, nature, and art.

Briar & Bone can be found on the second floor.

  briarandbone.com · Instagram · Facebook

275 Main St, Biddeford, ME 04005




@chelseascreename – Chelsea Amato (she/her)

Dead Artist @chelseascreename creates color saturated art prints & tarot decks.

@chelseascreename will be on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 sale: I’ll throw in a free tarot bag with a tarot deck order during the show.

  chelseascreename.com · Instagram




Chthonic Star – Summer Grimes (she/her)

Chthonic Star makes and provides balance-conscious and chthonically-inspired ritual tools and witchcraft supplies. We have a strong animistic environmental ethic and encourage all levels of practitioners to make environmentally friendly decisions, within their means, as often as they are able, and empower them as ever-improving responsible and respectful stewards of planetary, energetic, universal, and spiritual power. Our growing product line includes hand poured and crafted beeswax candles, ritual oils and baths, runes, drums, talismans, and ritual tools and supplies.

Chthonic Star will be on the second floor.

  chthonicstar.com · Instagram · Facebook ·  TikTok




Dance in your Grave – Allie Roy (she/they)

Dance in your Grave is a dark art and apparel company that creates original works inspired by classic gothic imagery mixed with modern day counterculture and horror, that aims to help you indulge your dark side in your every day life.

Dance in your Grave can be found on the second floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% off my site

  diygrave.bigcartel.com · Instagram 




Firelight by Baker’s Boffins – Kat Baker (she/her)

Firelight is a handcrafted line of “enchanting goods for body and abode”. From original wood engraved artwork and home décor, to metaphysically-inspired statement earrings, spiritual tools, & accessories, and expertly crafted “grimsical” embroideries and fiber arts – Firelight offers a mystical menagerie of handmade witchy wares!

Firelight by Baker’s Boffins can be found on the first floor.

  bakersboffins.com/shop-firelight.html · Instagram · Facebook


forest haunt



FOREST HAUNT – Johanna Frappier (she/her)

At FOREST HAUNT, I design and hand-tone spectral bleached apparel including: t-shirts, overalls, dresses, kimonos, hoodies and beanies. Featuring favorite images of nature, familiars, cryptids, aliens, witches and other paranormal intrigues.
FOREST HAUNT can be found on the first floor.

  https://www.etsy.com/shop/foresthaunt · Instagram




Fox Hallow Art & Oddities – Brianne Husisian (she/her)

I am an ethically and sustainably sourced art and oddities business. I utilize my fine art background to elevate organics considered oddities to fine art pieces. I create pieces that appeal to oddity enthusiasts as well as non oddity enthusiasts. I am a new business, and I have found that creating with intention and most importantly, an immense respect for my materials, makes experiencing my pieces unique.
Fox Hallow Art & Oddities can be found on the first floor.

  instagram.com/foxhallowart · Facebook




Gentlemen Bats – Nick Demakes (Mr.)

Gentlemen Bat artist Nick Demakes paints his animal portraits with coffee and acrylic paint

and sometimes blood.

There are bats, cats, and squids

that are made into strange family portraits

that could be a pet of yours

As seen in the Peabody Essex Museum Bat Exhibit

Gentlemen Bats can be found on the first floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: 15% off during the show.

  hellequin.com · Instagram · Facebook 




The Golden Fawn – Alexandra Emmons (she/her)

The Golden Fawn is an online metaphysical shop run by a practicing witch and an occultist. We sell beautifully scented, hand-poured soy wax candles, natural history inspired housewares, as well as ritual and divinatory tools. Inspired by witchcraft, the occult, and mysteries of the unknown, we seek to find the magic in the everyday and sell goods to make your home magical.

The Golden Fawn will be on the second floor.

SALEMYULE2023 online sale: TBA!

  thegoldenfawn.com · Instagram




Gravestone Girls – Brenda Sullivan (she/her)

Gravestone Girls create replicas of old New England tombstones in the form of wall hangings, magnets, coasters, mirrors, jewelry, tombstone chocolate and more! Cast directly from originals still on cemetery landscapes, their art is a piece of history in your hand! “Keeping Our Dead Alive” through lectures, tours, classes and art, they work nationwide, raising cemetery awareness and teaching citizens the history buried under their feet.

Gravestone Girls will be on the first floor.

  gravestonegirls.com · Instagram · Facebook




Jack Attackk Clothing – Jacki Robichaud Doyle (she/her)

At Jack Attackk Clothing, we combine goth and punk elements with couture techniques to create one of a kind pieces for runway and clientele, as well as designing inclusive casual pieces for everyday wear. All of our one of a kind pieces are hand-made by our owner, Jaclyn Robichaud Doyle, down to the most intricate couture techniques like beading and embroidery. In the past few years, JAC has expanded to include a variety of casual pieces; these pieces are either designed by Jaclyn or feature her original artwork and are reproduced in small batch runs. This allows JAC to create more casual pieces in a range of sizes. Each textile design begins as a pen and ink drawing that is then scanned, digitally traced, and replicated to make a repeat design. So even when you purchase something as simple as a tee shirt or skater dress, you’re wearing original art. Alternative Fashion Design made local, inclusive, and sustainable.

Jack Attackk Clothing will be on the second floor.

  jackattackkclothing.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok


Karen’s Crowns and Hats!



Karen’s Crowns and Hats – Karen Fayton (she/her)

I’m Karen, the owner and creator of Karen’s Crowns and Hats. I’ve been making handmade crowns and hats for 10 years. I hand make a large variety of crowns including – but not limited to – the following types: fur antler, unicorn, flower, and beaded and veiled. My hats types include but are not limited to the following types: witch, steampunk, and veiled.

Karen’s Crowns and Hats will be on the first floor.





Letters from Your Lover at Sea – Lawrence Gullo (he/him)

Letters From Your Lover At Sea – handwritten messages in a bottle.

From a lonely sailor’s rain-soaked pocket, this bottle has been flung into the sea in hopes it will reach you. The few tokens and roll of parchment perfectly, preciously dry under its wax-sealed cork. It contains his heart.

This love letter is for you. He flings it into the waves.

Each of these wax sealed bottles contains a unique piece of handwritten microfiction, and scattered trinkets from the sea. The sentiments therein are for you to discover.

Letters from Your Lover at Sea will be on the second floor.

  kickstarter.com/projects/thatlawrence/message-in-a-bottle-a-letter-from-your-lover-at-sea  · Instagram · Facebook




Little Demon Printshop – Anna Stevens (she/her)

Anna Stevens is the face behind Little Demon Printshop. A lifelong creative, she has been making art since she was very young. Anna often experiments with different techniques and mediums, finding inspiration in nature, folklore, true crime, the occult, and anything else that strikes her fancy. Her current obsessions include linocut block printing and wood carving.

Little Demon Printshop will be on the second floor.

etsy.com/shop/littledemonprintshop  · Instagram