2023 Midsummer Online Market Vendors



Welcome to the inaugural Ghost Ship Market Midsummer Online Market!

With a refreshing array of art, home décor, fresh clothing designs, home and personal fragrance, handmade soaps and apothecary selections, jewelry, and vintage, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Our vendors have gathered together their top picks for you, in our shopping guide, viewable here: ghostshipmarket.com/midsummer-online-market-shopping-guide/

The charity for this market is RAINN, and you can either participate with one of the supporting vendors, or donate directly at our Instagram or Facebook pages.

While you’re browsing, feel free to play our Midsummer playlist! It’s a mix of goth classics, post punk, and moody pop that is great for both browsing and hanging out: Midsummer Online Market Tunes

Vendor List

Sponsored by: Fennel & Clark
Altered Star Co.
Emily V. Keefe Illustrations
Honey Bunch Lettering
Mockingbird Lane Artistries
October Cult
Queen of Cups Apothecary
That Crystal Queen
The Creep Boutique
The Oil Well Scent Company
Toccata & Fougère
Trued Apparel
Wild Bone Alchemy




Fennel & Clark™


Selection of sterling silver hand jewelry


Fennel & Clark – Marisa Hess & Josiah Pierce

Fennel & Clark™ makes handmade sterling silver jewelry, while thoughtfully curating vintage, crystals, and gifts For The Darkly Romantic™.

As artisans, we feel it is our calling to help kindred spirits express their inner life outwardly through their dress. By exploring metaphysical and symbolic imagery, we hope to work within our culture’s shared visual language to create touchstones of understanding.

Our line includes delicate everyday pieces, inventive statement pieces, and luminous set stones. Whether your personal style is metaphysical or romantic, simple or bold, or even classic or adventurous, we have the perfect piece for you.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 15% off all vintage home decor

Supporing RAINN by donating 10% of jewelry sales during the show

  fennelandclark.shop · Instagram · Facebook · Pinterest · TikTok



Honey Bunch Lettering



Honey Bunch Lettering – Rose Maalouf

Honey Bunch Lettering is a stationery and gift shop that features both cute and spooky designs. I am a paper person creating things for other paper people, inspired by the dichotomy of love and loss. My work often oscillates between the two, so don’t be surprised when you stumble across cemetery iconography, Halloween imagery, and gothic symbolism in my stationery products. If you are looking for greeting cards, prints, comfy socks, enamel pins, stickers and more, this soft witch has got you covered. Honey Bunch Lettering may sound soft and romantic on the outside, but don’t be fooled; dark and spooky lie just beneath the surface.

  honeybunchlettering.com · Instagram


Queen of Cups Apothecary


Molly Bond


Queen of Cups Apothecary – Molly Bond

At Queen of Cups Apothecary, our goal is to provide local and ethically sourced apothecary and altar products. We organically grow all the herbs and flowers used in our products on our small homestead in western Massachusetts. The bones and any animal products used in our projects are ethically sourced from the New England area. All the crystals used in our products are ethically sourced as well and most are mined by local rock hounds. We pride ourselves on know where our products come from. Each item is handcrafted with love and intension. So, come on in and take a look around: we promise you’ll be spell bound.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 22% off select items

Supporting RAINN by donating 5% of sales during the show

  queenofcupsapothecary.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok


October Cult


Alexandra Hazel


October Cult – Alexandra & Jeremiah Hazel

October Cult’s hauntingly beautiful artistry is inspired by Goth Rock music, beauty, darkness, imagination and dreams. Their motto is “Dreaming in the Darkness”. This wife, husband, and cat team specialize in Dream Boxes (Mixed-Media Collages within 3-dimensional Shadowbox Frames), as well as Dark Atmospheric Photography.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: Free shipping (USA only) will be offered during the online market

Supporting RAINN by donating 10% of our Fine Art Photography Print (Unframed) sales during the show



Trued Apparel


Melissa Woods


Trued Apparel – Melissa Woods

Trued Apparel is a dark minimalist clothing line founded in 2020. Founder Melissa Woods relies on local production partners, photographers, and friends to build this brand of elegant alt-fashion, combining everyday loungewear-level comfort with eye-catching, sophisticated silhouettes. Trued Apparel emphasizes sustainable fabrics and ethical production practices, minimizing material waste, and working for a better future for people and planet.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off

Supporting RAINN by donating 5% of sales during the show

  shoptrued.com · Instagram · Facebook · TikTok


Mockingbird Lane Artistries


Sarah Amendola


Mockingbird Lane Artistries – Sarah Amendola

Mockingbird Lane Artistries creates Gothic and Victorian inspired gemstone and coffin nail jewelry using, soft solder and copper electroform techniques.

A lot of her jewelry uses 3D scanned replicas of Victorian era mourning brooches, and coffin hardware, as well as gemstone coffins, planchettes, and other various macabre shapes.

Besides jewelry, Mockingbird Lane Artistries also creates stained glass coffin dishes and boxes, as well as her original cemetery and horror themed photography, and lithophane night lights.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: Free First Class US Shipping 

  mockingbirdlaneartistries.com · Instagram · Facebook


Altered Star Co


Velvet Dress


Altered Star Co. – Kristina Elyse

Altered Star Co. specializes in alternative handmade clothing and accessories for adults up to 3XL, utilizing fabrics purchased from other small businesses or rescued from thrift shops for a second life. The result is a truly unique shopping experience you won’t find anywhere else.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% entire cart, excluding gift cards

Supporting RAINN by donating proceeds from an exclusive tee design during the show

  alteredstarco.com · Instagram · Facebook · Facebook Group


That Crystal Queen Logo




That Crystal Queen – Michayla Brutoney

Your friendly local Witch, handcrafting magical small batch crystal infused body products for the every day self care ritual!

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off all products

  thatcrystalqueen.com · Instagram · Facebook


Emily V. Keefe Illustrations




Emily V. Keefe Illustrations

Emily V. Keefe is a New England-based illustrator who creates detailed pen and ink art exploring the dark world of the occult and the obscure. Much of her inspiration stems from ideas of death, nature and the macabre.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 15% off your order

  emilyvkeefe.bigcartel.com · Instagram · Facebook


The Creep Boutique



The Creep Boutique – Nicole Shepherd

The Creep Boutique has many creepy/cute offerings: whether you’re adorning yourself, or your surroundings. The endearing nature of the doll aesthetic is the connective thread between decorative housewares made from repurposed doll parts, wearable accessories, and handmade clothing fit for a doll.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off any order

Supporting RAINN by donating a percentage of sales during the show

  etsy.com/shop/thecreepboutique · Instagram · Facebook



Reb Green


Wild Bone Alchemy – Reb Green

Wild Bone Alchemy offers adornments and altar pieces for the sacred practice of earth traditions. All amulets and altar pieces are made from foraged bone and other forest found materials, then integrated with metalwork and burning of ancestral symbols. To the end of honoring these creatures, and inspiring the adorned to call their own magic back through provoking curiosity of the ultimate alchemy: life and death.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: $10 Off orders $60+

Supporting RAINN by donating 10% of total sales during the show

  wildbonealchemy.com · Instagram


The Oil Well Scent Company


Persephone perfume


The Oil Well Scent Company – Steff Erin

Botanical perfumer, Steff Erin, creates unusual natural scents for the body, spirit, and sanctuary. Never fragrance or alcohol used. All plant, vegan friendly, responsibly sourced, and cruelty free, The Oil Well has made a promise to never use anything toxic in perfumery until death do us part.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 10% off

  theoilwellscentco.com · Instagram · Facebook


Toccata & Fougere



Toccata & Fougère – Marisa Hess

Stemming from a life-long interest in fragrance, Toccata & Fougère is the personal project of Fennel & Clark founder, Marisa Hess. The scents are crafted with an eye towards creating immersive olfactory environments, inspired by romantic literature, mythology, and more.

With both candles and incense, and a wide variety of fragrances, it’s easy to drift off into your perfect world.

HAUNTEDSUMMER sale: 15% off our signature candles

Supporting RAINN by donating 10% of incense sales during the show

  available at fennelandclark.shop · Instagram